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Workday Words

As we move through Phase 3 of Finance Strategic Transformation, you'll hear Workday Financials terminology with more frequency.  Some terms are self-explanatory, but some are unfamiliar, and many will refer to names we have used in current processes and functions.  It's important to get used to the "Workday Words" earlier rather than later, so that you understand what's being discussed and even more importantly, so you can easily recognize when the topic is something that affects your work.

We have been gathering up common Workday Financials terms and have collected them in the document linked below.  As of now, it's a static document, but we'll keep updating it, and we're working on an interactive feature for this site that will allow you to look up terms.

You'll find that all of the Workday Words in the document are defined, but not all of them have a "legacy term" that correlates with them, meaning that either there isn't a current term we use for that Workday Word, or we just don't know about it as yet.  That's where we'd love your help!  

Please let us know:

  • Are there current names for processes or functions that don't seem to have a Workday Word?
  • If you would suggest any edits/changes to what you see in the document we've put together.
  • What other Workday Words besides the ones listed have you heard that you think we need to include?


As always, we want (and need) to hear from you, so please reach out if you have questions or concerns.