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Reporting & Analytics

Building with the end in mind

As we embark on our Finance Strategic Transformation, we are taking a holistic, program-view approach to enhance reporting & analytics across the University in order to better provide high-quality, timely access to data and information so you and our leadership team can make more informed decisions and benchmark performance across all business dimensions.  We're using FST and Workday implementation as a catalyst to design and plan an enterprise reporting & analytics road map to make sure the steps we take now in FST are leading us down the path to our desired end-state.

When we developed UBI, the focus was understandably on providing the important operational and transactional reports that users on the front-line need to do their jobs every day.  While we've made some progress in developing analytical reports and dashboards, our data is still complex and fragmented, which makes it difficult to bring together in ways that would be more valuable.  Visualizations can make it easier to spot trends or anomalies that then lead you to a deeper exploration of the data or prompt you to take action.

With our Deloitte partners, we have been interviewing key stakeholders to understand our current capabilities and desired future state as it relates to people, processes, and technology.  The road map that comes out of this work will give us a tangible and actionable path towards achieving the desired future state,  encompassing both short-term and long-term planning.   We will be working on short-term improvements within the existing structures while simultaneously planning and developing for the future in Workday. 

This journey is not just about technology - its also about growing the skills of our people to make better use of data and analytics and putting better processes in place to improve data quality and access - those activities don't have to wait for Workday go-live.  

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Let us know if you have ideas or want to help out and join us on this exciting journey.  Contact Mark Anderson, Reporting & Analytics Lead.