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Project Timeline

The Transformation Journey Ahead of Us

UVAFinance is currently undertaking a multi-step journey to transform the way we do Finance to better serve the University Community and to enable our team members to do their jobs more accurately and more easily. 

The Readiness Phase will focus on re-designing our Chart of Accounts, defining UVAFinance's reporting strategy and the FST project's change management strategy, business process prototyping, and HCM remediation and IT landscape assessments.   

The implementation of a new software solution (Workday Financials) will start in January 2020 and planned to be completed in 18 months, which places the Go-Live date at the beginning of FY2022 (July 1, 2021).

Phase One ended April 2019 and Phase 2 is set to extend until the end of 2019.  During Implementation, Phase 3, we will focus on the plan, architecture, configuration and prototyping, testing and finally, deployment of the solution.   This phase ends in July of 2021 with the deployment; we then enter "Future state"


Deployment of Workday Financials and an Enterprise Planning Solution (Software Solution Decision is Expected by Start of FY2021)

In 2019, we'll be working in Phase 2 readiness on Core Finance and planning.  In 2020, Implementation begins.  During this entire time, we'll be working on the Planning pilot on Legacy CoA.  Implementation begins in 2020 with a go-live in mid-2021.  From there we enter a support and stabilization phase, along with planning remediation.

What we have achieved

Phase 1 - Assessment & Planning (August 2018 - March 2019): Included a current state review and future state vision that informed the Financials Transformation Roadmap, Total Cost of Ownership and Business Case, and the selection of Workday Financials as the technology solution.