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This site is being migrated to the new UVAFinance site and will be removed on 3 September 2021.  You can find us at:

Phase 3 - Implementation

We are currently in the Implementation phase, followed by a six-month support/stabilization period.   After the deep-dive Architect phase where we built the "blueprints" of UVA's Workday Financials system, we head into Configure & Prototype, a crucial phase of the project.  During "Config & Prototype," the team will build the first version of UVA's tenant of Workday Financials, and our stakeholders will then get a chance to take a look and validate the data.  The project team will revise the tenant build based on stakeholder feedback.  We expect to complete at least two rounds of building and validation, and if time allows, possibly even three rounds! 

Check out James' article about "building our house" on the Community (behind NetBadge).  It paints a picture of the whole process of building our Workday Financials tenant in an easily understandable way!

While we anticipate implementing a technical solution in 2022, that doesn't mean that Finance Transformation ends.  The work of Continuous Improvement will continue for the foreseeable future as we strive to refine and improve our processes and service delivery.