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Phase 2 is officially "Kicked Off!"

Liz Magill and J.J. Davis help Kick off Phase 2


We had a full house (maybe even a crammed house!) for the August 30 Kickoff of Phase 2: Readiness.  

It was great to see such a large crowd and to have executive sponsors J.J. Davis and Liz Magill with us. Thanks to all who attended and participated in the exercises. This particular session only involved UVA colleagues who have been involved with the project so far, but we want everyone to get to take part, and we definitely want everyone’s input. 

If you didn’t attend the Kickoff, a video recording is available on the online Community. You can also access the complete slide deck from that day’s presentation!


Your Feedback and Input is always welcome!

Project leadership and the project team definitely want to hear from you! Here are a few ways to reach out: 

  • Check in with representatives from your school or unit (we have Steering Committee members, Advisory Group members, and Checkpoint Team members in a searchable database on our website).
  • Get in touch with anyone on the project team. Our contact info is available on the FST website. We’re ready and listening! Not sure who to email? Just contact us at and we’ll make sure you get a well-informed response quickly
  • If you have a great idea or a question you think others might share, we encourage you to share it in the online community. Not only are we very responsive in that channel, but also, your colleagues can interact with your thoughts, too. It’s a great way to connect with others and keep all of our concerns, inspiration, and feedback in the open.
  • Want your feedback to remain anonymous? You’re welcome to drop us a line via the FST webpage feedback feature in the top right corner of every page on the site.

There’s no wrong way to give feedback and no such thing as a dumb question. We are striving for this to be an inclusive process. When questions and concerns surface, we’ll do our best to get those answered both privately and in forums where others can benefit from them. Often this takes the form of us posting frequently asked questions in the community or on our website, without names of the original askers.