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New Go-Live Date!

June 8, 2020 -  The message copied below from EVP-COO JJ Davis and Provost Liz Magill was distributed to let our stakeholders know of the new go-live date for Workday Financials. 

As you see below, go-live for Workday Financials has been set for July 1, 2022.   

We appreciate the flexibility of our team and our stakeholders under the current unpredictable circumstances.  The extended timeline will allow us to deliver a transformation that will make any future crises easier to manage.  While we look forward to delivering a modern financial system in 2022, remember that the Workday Implementation is only part of the transformation.  See the other three parts of FST here. 



Dear Colleagues,

It is always a pleasure to share good news about projects that have significant potential for far-reaching positive impact. Today we write to you with three such announcements regarding Finance Strategic Transformation.

Go-Live Date Set

First (and probably top of everyone's mind), we would like to share that after conferring broadly with the finance community as well as the FST project team and co-chairs, the go-live date for Workday Financials has been set for July 1, 2022. This will allow us to focus on the budget and finance implications of the pandemic, ensure quality outcomes and true transformation, and shift significant portions of the program cost to another fiscal year. Thank you to the many of you who provided candid thoughts and concerns when the FST team asked for your feedback.

Changes to the FST Governance Structure

In the interest of ensuring effective decision-making at the appropriate organizational levels as we move through Phase 3 of the project, we are adding a new group to the structure in the form of a Leadership Council. This group is comprised of Melody Bianchetto, Adam Daniel, Virginia Evans, Kelley Stuck, Rob Hoover, and Kathy Peck. The Steering Committee will be expanded to include all Administrative Associate Deans, Dana German, Michael Latsko, and Blake Watson. We appreciate everyone who provides their time and expertise to the governance groups and are grateful for your continued partnership.

Adaptive Insights Budget Tool

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown into sharp relief UVA's need for modern budget planning and analysis. In response, we are prioritizing the Academic Division’s rollout of Adaptive Insights, Workday Financial's budgeting tool. This will enable schools and units to develop their budgets more effectively, perform enhanced strategic analysis, and run scenarios at a time when everyone needs those robust capabilities.

More detailed information will come from FST project leadership and the project team very soon, but please don't hesitate to reach out to them with questions or concerns. We are solidly committed to Finance Strategic Transformation and deeply appreciative of your commitment to transformation even during the pandemic. If one thing is certain, change is a frequent visitor to academia, and the solutions FST offers will serve us well in the coming years.


Liz Magill, Provost