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February 11, 2021 Update

FDM Update
The FDM team is still working on developing a mapping tool that will get our current GA/GL strings into the new FDM, and they’re working with schools and units on mapping. They’ll be showing some of the sample mappings in governance meetings.

Get the FDM basics so far with this video (Online Community):

January 28, 2021 Update

We're fresh off of the first round of Customer Confirmation Sessions and the project team is in its first of two sprints – during the next two months, they’ll be making sure we have all the requirements our stakeholders have outlined are configured or in progress toward configuration in the tenant.

After that, they’ll do a second build of the Workday financials tenant, and then, it will be Customer Confirmation Session time once more! For this round of CCS, we’ll not only include more folks on the invite list, but we’ll also be working with our Change Leaders in schools and units to help do some additional outreach in their areas.  After that, there will be two more sprints to make sure everything is ready, from configuration to user stories, and then it’s time for end-to-end testing.

FDM News - What's up in the Chart of Accounts Area

The project team is focusing on developing the mapping tool that will get our current GA/GL strings into the new FDM.  They have a pretty good idea on most mappings, but there are of course some things they can’t be sure of, especially because of the current flexible use of the PTAEO.  They’ll be working closely with schools and units and showing some sample mappings in groups like the Fiscal Administrators in the coming weeks and months.  The whole FDM mapping process will be iterative, beginning around April or May and stretching all the way to March of next year. 

There will be lots of opportunities during that time for tweaks and adjustments.  If you’re a fiscal person in your area, you may be wondering what you can do to get a head start on all this mapping.  You can start thinking about your tasks – the task has been used in a number of different ways by different departments.  If you can think about the easy connections – the ones that can map to already-identified work tags, that will be a great help, and then the team can work closely with your school and unit on the outliers.

Nicole Ferretti recorded a great “intro” to all the FDM before the first round of Customer Confirmation Sessions.  It’s a good primer to get your head around the new structure and help you start thinking. View it here.

January 15, 2021 Update

The team is currently taking feedback from the Customer Confirmation Sessions held in late 2020, and using it to build another iteration of UVA's workday tenant so we can have another round of confirmation sessions later this spring.  See more info on the sessions here. 

There will be lots of opportunities early this year and in the spring for stakeholders to get a look at Workday Financials.  There are plans in progress to deepen the engagement with the first round of Customer Confirmation sessions, including some video content and other opportunities to broaden exposure to the future state. For right now, you can see the slides from all of the Customer Confirmation Sessions in the Online Community.

In FDM news, the team’s goal is to have a solid structure on cost centers by the end of February.  They’ll be doing outreach to schools and units and socializing the structure, so that we can be sure all units understand the FDM basics.  The mapping tool for the FDM has been just slightly delayed but should be rolled out soon, and FST governance groups, as well as the FST project team, are meeting to review their cost center submissions.  Visit the FST Info Station for guidance on keeping up with FDM news.

December 15, 2020 Update

As the year ends 

Customer Confirmation sessions are wrapping up.  Nearly 1500 stakeholders from across UVA have seen the first look at Workday financials functionality with UVA data inside. The 18 confirmation sessions are just a starting point for UVA getting a look at Workday Financials and confirming that the overall direction meets UVA’s needs.  During the sessions, attendees got to see business processes performed within the tenant, and they asked questions and noted issues that we’ll have to tackle in the future.

Check out the online Community to see slide decks for each customer confirmation session.   There will be another round of customer confirmation sessions in May of 2021. 

Looking Ahead 

The team is going to take the information from this first round of customer confirmation sessions and continue their configuration and prototype work, culminating in another build of the UVA Tenant of Workday Financials in April of 2021, just in time for that next round of Customer Confirmation sessions in May.

There will be another tenant build after the second one if we have time, and we’ll do testing of the system for eight months starting around September of 2021. 

We'll also be socializing the Foundation Data Model (see more on that here) after winter break.  Beginning in January and throughout the spring and summer, the team will be working with schools and units to meticulously sort out the mapping from the PTAO to the FDM. 

November 12, 2020 Update

Configuration and Prototype is here!

As of November 1, we’re officially into the Configuration and Prototype phase of the project.  You may hear folks refer to this as “Config and Prototype” or C&P.  Config and Prototype is the first part of Phase 3 Implementation.  This is the phase where we move from theoretical design to concrete application. 

During this phase, the project team is finalizing the first tenant build and testing it. They're also planning Customer Confirmation Sessions that will enable key stakeholders to see how UVA business processes work in the system with our data. 

The first tenant build will have a subset of data and some processes available.  Later tenant builds will be more comprehensive.  Stakeholders invited to customer confirmation sessions will help confirm that the overall approach is on the right track. The people involved in these first Customer Confirmation Sessions will mostly be the same individuals who were involved in the architect sessions earlier this year. As we head into 2021, we’ll open it up more and more for other stakeholders to take a look.

Config and Prototype is really critical to ensure that we can get feedback from UVA stakeholders on the system design before rigorous system testing begins.  During the Customer Confirmation sessions, participants will ask questions and suggest potential help text and system notification for future users, and they’ll just generally get to experience the look and feel of Workday Financials. While they’re doing that, the FST team will be listening hard, capturing recommended changes and categorizing them so we can take action on them.  For more context on Config and Prototype, we recommend you take a look at a post from Nicole Ferretti in the online Community.

October 29, 2020 Update

The Functional Team is resolving additional FDM design questions and tackling configuration build tasks and validation.

October 16, 2020 Update 

Functional Team: Configuration & Prototype is on the horizon!

As we move closer to configuration and prototype, everyone’s getting more excited – the team, because they’re building out something that we’ve all worked together on for so long, and the future users of Workday Financials all across UVA, because they will finally get to SEE something they’ve been looking forward to for years!

During configuration and prototype, stakeholders (that’s you if you’re reading this) will see how Workday Financials will work, with preliminary design decisions implemented.  The team has taken all your feedback throughout the planning and architect phases, and they’re building the tenant and loading UVA data into it.  Then, as James Gorman says, we’ll “roll back the curtain” and do some guided tours.

More on Configuration & Prototype here!

FDM: At the same time the guided tours are going on, the FDM team will be working on the FDM Mapping tool that they’ll then roll out to schools and units in the early spring.  This will allow users to make sure the mapping from the chart of accounts we have now to the new FDM is working correctly. That process will go on throughout the rest of the project.  Just a reminder, a preliminary FDM structure is complete, but this still needs to be tested.

Want more updates on FDM?  Click here!  And here!

We’re entering into a season of continual adjustment – building pieces, showing them to users and getting feedback, taking those suggestions and modifying the tenant, and so on.  Actual end to end testing will also be part of this process as we move closer to go live.

TSM & PaymentWorks

The FST team has recommended transitioning from Jaggaer Total Supplier Management to PaymentWorks, prior to Workday Financials going live.  Benefits of this switch include tailored user experience for individual payees, improved invite experience for departments, and much-needed fraud protection.  We’ll keep you updated on this decision as the team works out the kinks – we’re still sussing out all of the particulars before the decision is finalized.

More info now on the Decision Log!

September 24, 2020 Update

The Functional Team: The project team is configuring the system according to what our stakeholders have specified in terms of functionality and capability.  They're converting current Oracle data into the new chart design and loading that data into the system so that later this autumn, we’ll get to see UVA data with the UVA chart inside Workday Financials  After all this time, we’ll finally have the first tenant build, and people will get to see how processes work within the system. It’s important to realize that this won’t be every bit of UVA data, here in the first tenant – it will be a healthy cross-section that will accurately represent what most people will experience in the system.  Read more from James Gorman in CommunityHub.

The Spend Team: The Spend Focus Group has kicked off and are working on topics such as purchase order receiving, requisitioning, supplier management, invoice routing and approval, and so much more. You can read more about their work and learn who from your area is participating in the group here

FDM:  Nicole Ferretti shared some more context around converting the current chart of accounts to the FDM at a recent Fiscal Administrator’s meeting.  She remarked on how, since our current chart is very flexible, we can’t just convert the fields into the FDM on a one to one basis.  The team is looking at each of our PTAEO strings and determining how they fit in the new FDM.  If you’d like to hear more about this, check out Ferretti's presentation at the September 16 Fiscal Administrator meeting found here

September 10, 2020 Update

The Functional Team:

The Budget Team:

  • The discussion continues re: non-financial plan types: Awards, Projects.
  • Session held to continue review user story development.

August 27, 2020 Update

The Functional Team are creating configuration workbooks and user stories to support the development of the initial UVA Workday Financials tenant for the Configure and Prototype stage, which begins in November and runs roughly through March of 2021. 

As a part of the Configuration & Prototype stage, the UVA community will have at least two rounds of validating the tenant (maybe even three if time allows).  These cycles involve the team building the Workday Financials tenant with UVA data inside, then users getting time to try the tenant out, validating data.  Based on their feedback, the team will tweak the system and return with a new version of the tenant.  (See more by viewing the timeline.)

Remember our house-building metaphor?  The configuration and prototype phase is like when the builders frame up your house from the blueprint, and you get to walk through and make sure everything is as you thought it would be, making changes where they’re needed now that you can see it put together.  Basically, in Configuration and Prototype, we all come together to make sure we’re building a financial system that will work well for us at UVA.

Plan now to stay in the know!  Configuration & Prototype is a time where we all need to be paying close attention.  As autumn progresses, we’ll all need to make a commitment to staying tuned to news from the FST Team and being engaged in meetings.  Take a look at the FST communication channels, find one or two that work for you, and bookmark them!


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