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FST Design Principles

  1. Keep the design simple and smart.

  2. Design with an end-to-end business process in mind.  Ensure all potential impacts are understood (systems thinking).

  3. Make it intuitive to a diverse set of end-users.

  4. Increase process consistency by designing to commonalities.  Validate the need for exceptions.

  5. Strive to meet the operational needs of stakeholder groups.

  6. Use Workday's built-in best practices.  Leverage out of the box functionality as much as possible.

  7. Improve insight and informed decision-making through enhanced reporting and analytics.

  8. Reduce risk, reduce error, and increase accountability through improved internal controls.

  9. Align and coordinate training development with design.

  10. Ensure the documented decision-making process is followed. Unilateral decisions should not be made; elevate issues when necessary.