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FST Decision Log

All FST decisions are made using the RAPID framework, but formal RAPID documentation is only required with Tier 1 and Tier 2 decisions.  In the spirit of transparency, we’ll share decisions in our normal communications channels when they are made, and also on this webpage.  Watch for continual updates!

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Description  Decision Input Gathered Tier Closed date Where to find more info
Fundriver UVA will continue to use Fundriver instead of Workday's endowment solution.

Oct 2019: Information presented and feedback gathered from Gifts & Endowments Business Process Discovery Workshop.                         

Feb 2020: Supplemental Systems Survey demonstrated the percentage of people who use Fundriver.                                                                

Feb - May 2020: FST project team determined that Workday endowment management solution could not calculate UVIMCO fees.                                                                                                             

Jun 2020: Decision made to stay with Fundriver. Currently working on integrating Fundriver with Workday tenant. 

3 June 2020 Documents in the Online Community
Expensing UVA will replace its current expensing system, Chrome River, with Workday Expenses.

Nov/Dec 2019: Presentation of choice to Steering Committee.         

Dec 2019: Presentation of the choice to Advisory Group.                      

Feb 2020: Deep Dive sessions on WD Expenses vs. Chrome River. Recommendation sought from Steering Committee.                            

Mar 2020: Workday Expenses demonstration to Advisory Group.

Mar/Apr 2020: Survey seeking feedback from Steering Committee.    

Apr 2020: Workday Expenses demonstration to FA.

1 June 2020 Documents in the Online Community