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FST Decision Log

All FST decisions are made using the RAPID framework, but formal RAPID documentation is only required with Tier 1 and Tier 2 decisions.  In the spirit of transparency, we’ll share decisions in our normal communications channels when they are made, and also on this webpage.  Watch for continual updates!

Who makes the decisions? Read more about how FST decisions are made.

How is FST informed and guided by the UVA community?  Learn more about FST's governance structure. 

Upcoming decisions include use of WebWire, Workday Budget Checking, Workday/AI Division of Responsibility for Execution, Reporting, and Detail, Data Warehouse Remediation, System Admin Responsibility Approach, Workflow Control and Approval Requirements, Per Diem Policy, Spend Authorization Policy and Cash Advances, GL Conversion, Customer Portal and payment acceptance, F&A on cost share, Adoption of Workday ISD functionality, Future State Requisition Process Flow, Requisition User Access, Spend Authorization Policy, and more.  

Last Updated October 5, 2020. 


Description Decision Input Gathered Tier Closed date Where to find more info
FUNDRIVER UVA will continue to use Fundriver instead of Workday's endowment solution.

Oct 2019: Information presented and feedback gathered from Gifts & Endowments Business Process Discovery Workshop.                                               

Feb 2020: Supplemental Systems Survey demonstrated percentage of people who use Fundriver.                               

May 2020: FST project team determined that Workday endowment management solution could not calculate UVIMCO fees.                                                                                                              Jun 2020: Decision made to stay with Fundriver. Currently working on integrating Fundriver with Workday tenant. 

3 Jun-20
Expensing UVA will replace its current expensing system, Chrome River, with Workday Expenses. 

Dec 2019: Presentation of decision to Steering Committee.        

Dec 2019: Presentation of decision to Advisory Group.                   

Feb 2020: Deep Dive sessions on WD Expenses vs. Chrome River. Recommendation sought from Steering Committee.                      

Mar 2020: Workday Expenses demonstration to Advisory Group.

Apr 2020: Survey seeking feedback from Steering Committee.      

Apr 2020: Workday Expenses demonstration to FA.

1 Jun-20
CBT Mandated Travel UVA will NOT mandate use of CBT.  June 2020: Decision made to not pursue mandating use of CBT for all travel.  Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 3 Jun-20  
Data Conversion - Vendor Supplied Contracts Pre-existing contracts will ONLY be converted from Jaggaer, NOT from Oracle. June 2020: Decision made to continue current state practice related to vendor supplied contracts.  Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 2 Jun-20  
Invoice Matching Redesign Matching redesign is complete. Receiving will be required whenever the invoice is >= $10,000, which will trigger 3 way matching.  Any invoice < $10,000 will not require receiving and will be handled as a two way match. Policy changes will need to be made.

June 2020: Decsion made to continue current state practice related to invoice matching.  Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice.

October 2020: review and analysis of current matching processes and proposal of new requirements. 

2 Oct-20  
Jaggaer Marketplace User Access Anyone who has access to enter a purchase requisition will have access to the UVA Marketplace (Jaggaer) June 2020: Decsion made to continue current state practice related to access to UVA Marketplace (Jaggaer).  Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 2 Jun-20  
Request For Quote Decision Point UVA will NOT use Workday RFQ functionality. June 2020: Decsion made to continue current state practice related to the request for quote process.  At this time, Workday RFQ functionality will not be utilized.  Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 2 Jun-20  
Multi-Currency / Global LLC Revisit need for multi-currency functionality (e.g. foreign wires, foreign travel). Decide whether Global LLC can/should transact in WD. June 2020: Decision was to proceed with external  conversion & manual consolidation to Global LLC. The team will explore the LOE required to bring the Global LLC and WFOE into organizational scope. Decision approved by Augie Maurelli to not use Multi-Currency functionality.   3 Jun-20  
Reporting Security Approach Need to validate the high-level security approach for UVA re: users viewing transactions in the system across all organizations. I.e. will users be able to see all transactions with only certain restrictions for sensitive items (per current state) or will there larger restrictions on viewing abilities, especially for reporting. May 2020: Decision made by Functional Owners Group to continue to allow users to view transaction across all organizations without restrictions. 3 May-20  
Bonus Depreciation Budget depreciation functionality was determined not to be in scope.   3 Jul-20  
Reverse Credit/Debit For company accounting details, UVA will be setting journal reversal to reverse debit/credit.   3 Jul-20  
SWAM Codes SWAM will be tracked in supplier classification - some may also be brought in as Supplier groups, if needed.    3 1-Aug  

Pre-Encumbrance (Commitment) and Encumbrance (Obligation) operational accounting functionality

UVA will use pre-encumbrance and encumbrance functionality for procurement, expense, payroll, and fringe benefits.    Aug-20  
Gift Types/Pooled Functionality UVA determined that 3 gift types should be used: spendable, non-pooled, and undetermined. UVA will not be using the pooled functionality.   3 Aug-20  
Donor and donor contributions UVA determined that we will not enable donor and donor contribution functionality.   3 Aug-20  
Frequency of Advance Integration UVA will integrate gift data from the Advance system on a daily basis.    3 Aug-20  

FUNDRIVER Integration

UVA will integrate between FUNDRIVER and Workday monthly for investment activity/administration fees/spending distribution.   2 Aug-20  
1042-S Processing/Reporting Integration UVA will keep Thomson Reuters in place for go-live for 1042-S processing and filing purposes.    3 Aug-20  
Internal Catalogs UVA will use internal catalog for ISPs.   3 Sep-20  
Expenditure Types for Capital  Spend categories and ledger accounts will differentiate capital and non-capital expenses.    3 Sep-20  
Fixed Assets Conversion Convert only active assets into Workday at go-live.    3 Sep-20  

Workday/AI Division of Responsibility for Execution, Reporting, and Detail

Recommendation: Budget monitoring activities to occur in WD. To utilize full FDM value set to load budget.    2 Upcoming  

Discontinue use of WebWire

UVA currently uses WebWire to drive wire payment request and workflow processing -- Workday has the capability to mask bank accounts of suppliers and facilitate this workflow process.    2 Upcoming  

Customer Portal and Accepting Payments

After Customers are created in Workday, they can be given access to a Customer Portal, a restricted view of Workday, for self-service.    2 Upcoming  

Workflow Control and Approval Requirements

As UVA considers transformation away from Recon@, it will need to start shifting towards front-end controls that are sufficient for OSP's audit purposes. To that end, a baseline of workflow review and approval requirements is needed for design teams to refer to.    2 Upcoming  

Requisition User Access

Decision to be made on whether user access to create a requisitions stays restricted or is extended to all users. Will require additional discussion with schools and departments.    1 Upcoming  

Per Diem Policy

Will UVA require all Workday Expenses users to leverage Per Diem for travel? Has implications for integrating per diem rates.    2 Upcoming  

Recon@ vs. Workday Account Certification

Recommendation: Sunset Recon@ and shift towards Workday Account Certifications in coordination with any larger approvals transformation   2 Upcoming