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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below were raised at our Phase 2: Readiness Kickoff Event on August 30.  We've organized them into broad categories for your convenience.  Our FAQs will be continually updated as new questions arise.

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The Technology

Q: Has the decision been made to move forward with Workday Financials? 

Q: Every school/unit does things differently.  Are we changing or streamlining our processes to fit the new technology?

Q: How will the implementation of Workday Financials impact other UVA systems such as UBI, ResearchUVA, ExpenseUVA, etc.?

Phase 2: Readiness and Timelines

Q: What activities are happening during Phase 2 Readiness?

Q.  Previously, Phase 2 was going to be 9-10 months in length - now it is 5-6 months.  How are we going to achieve the same implementation timeline with a shorter readiness period? 

Q.  Is the University willing to adhere to a slower timetable if more time is needed to ensure a smooth implementation?

Q: What’s going on with the Chart of Accounts during Readiness?  What’s the guiding thought with the COA work? Are we trying to reduce/simplify the PTAEOs, or make more?

Q: How will we produce meaningful analysis if there’s a change with the PTAEO?

Resource Planning and Team Involvement

Q: How will this affect me in my (stakeholder group) role? What is needed from the organization to contribute to FST?

Q: Should I delay process improvement in my own department?  How do I know what may align with the project?

Q: What should I think about as I hire new financial staff or think about training/roles for my current staff?

Lessons Learned and Getting it Right

Q. What lessons learned from other big UVA and peer school implementations will FST be acting on as the project moves forward?


Communication and Feedback

Q.  What are opportunities for giving feedback? Who do I talk to if I have questions? How do I get closure to my question?