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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below were raised at Fiscal Administrators meetings and in other stakeholder interactions.  We've organized them into broad categories for your convenience.  You'll note that some of the questions have yet to be answered.  Our aim is to continually update the questions asked, even when answers are unknown or incomplete, to maintain transparency and so you know the questions are on our radar.  

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Last updated August 26, 2020, 1:40 p.m. (Note: Construction on this page is just beginning -- check back soon as we post answers in place of those "TBDs" you see below!)

Reporting & Analytics

Q. How will Workday Financials affect financial reporting for grants?

Q. How much will reporting tools change? Will there be something similar to what we use now or will Workday have it's own?

Q. How will reporting work with data from two different systems?

Communication and Feedback

Q. How can I be added to relevant Workday communication channels? 

Q. There's a lot of FST communication happening. What's the best communication channel to find the depth of information I want with the time I have available? 

Q. What are opportunities for giving feedback? Who do I talk to if I have questions? How do I get closure to my question?


Q. What will the Workday workflow be for cost transfers?


Q. What will the Workday approval flow be for requisition and expense approvals?

Q. Will Workday allow for 2 approvers? For example: on grants for Engineering School, the shopper forwards to department approver and then forwards it to our team for review on grants and approval. Will that be possible in the future?

Q. Will departmental buyers have the ability to self-approve?

Q. Will Departmental/Divisional routing allow for purchasing requests to be reviewed prior to expenditures being done? Many requestors do not know what is allowable on a grant and if funds remain.

Q. Are there indications that Recon@ may be eliminated and reconciling will be included in approvals?

Foundation Data Model (Chart of Accounts)

Q. What are the differences between organization worktags and accounting worktags?

Q. When will details be released re: how and when PTAO's will be converted to the new cost center structure?

Q.  How much will the new PTAO structure change and how it will impact current systems in use? For example, IT has a system for tracking IT services and our department has an OTS that will be impacted.

Q: How will we produce meaningful analysis if there’s a change with the PTAO?

Q. Will there be an FDM knowledge base to help us determine what is already set up to minimize duplication?


Legacy Systems

Q: What is the plan for retiring legacy systems? Will we still have access to retired systems post-go-live?


General Project Questions

Q.  Since the new budget tool is being piloted already, will it be bundled with the Workday finance go live, or might it go live earlier?

Q. How can I familiarize myself with Workday Financials terms? 

Q. When, and how, will we get trained?