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Change Management

Does your school/unit want help keeping up with FST changes?

The Change Management Team can do that! Let us know what you need by sending an email to We look forward to partnering with you and your team.

Here are some questions to consider before reaching out: 

  • How can the team tailor resources to fit your needs?
  • What questions does your team need answered right now? What is most important to them?
  • How does your team like to be communicated with? How do they like to share feedback?
  • What channels of communication resonate with your area?
  • What concerns are top of mind for your colleagues?
  • Who from the project would you like to hear from?

The Communication team manages the FST website, blog, online community, and WFST radio. The team is committed to helping project stakeholders get and stay informed by providing convenient access to up-to-date information across several communications channels. The coms team collaborates with partners across the different project workstreams to help shape specific content related to stakeholder areas of interest in plain language. They also help compile other communications materials, such as governance materials for meetings (like Fiscal Administrators!)

The Organizational Readiness team works with stakeholders across Grounds to understand the level of readiness related to the Finance Transformation. As the project progresses, this group will connect with stakeholder schools and units to develop a sense of readiness and connect stakeholders with communication and training to meet their needs.

The Training and Development team is responsible for designing and administering training related to the Finance Transformation. This work includes coordinating Workday Financials and Adaptive Planning (formerly called Adaptive Insights) training for all impacted end users as well as providing training on continuous improvement and process improvements that are also key to the project.

August 26, 2021 Update

Training Update

The Training Team is working hard to deliver the training that will allow you and your team to be successful doing your jobs in Workday Financials upon go live.  The decision on timing of training is based on training best practices and the years and years of experience the training team has, plus comparisons to what other higher ed institutions found successful.  It boils down to this:  Training sticks with learners best when they don’t have time to forget what they’ve learned before they can actually get into the system.  We want our stakeholders to learn on a system that appears and functions as it will at go-live.  Read more from Patty Marbury on the blog.

August 13, 2021 Update

FST Website Content Migrating to New UVA Site

The new UVAFinance website goes live August 16!  This is an agile rollout, and we'll gradually be adding all UVAFinance areas to this one, integrated, function-based site. Finance Transformation content is one of the first areas to be migrated.  Visit to see the new site (FST content is located in the upper left).  Even though the site is live, we’ll still be making adjustments, and of course, working toward getting the other UVAFinance department on the new site, so for a while, the old sites of those first few departments will still be live before we put redirects in place.  That gives our stakeholders a chance to get familiar with new locations of the content they visit most frequently. 

Read more about the new UVAFinance website

July 15, 2021 Update

Training Update:  Role Mapping

The training for Workday Financials will be role-based, which means it’s training that gives you what you need to perform your role within the system. The team will start mapping each role in Workday Financials to people doing the work here at UVA so we can make sure the right users get the right training. The mapping process will follow a cycle of review from lots of folks in governance and across grounds to make sure we get it right.  Read more on the blog.

June 28, 2021 Update

UVAFinance/FST Website Reorganization:  This summer and early fall, you may notice a difference in how the VP Finance site and the FST site are organized.  We’re reorganizing the content of all the Finance sites into a single site that’s more focused on you as a stakeholder. This website redesign is another one of those “transformations in progress"! Read more

June 10, 2021 Update

Training Update

This update breaks down the different ways we’ll deliver Workday Financials training.  The Training Team is planning everything from online courses and quick reference guides, to classroom and zoom training, to office hours and beyond.  Learn more in this post on the blog

May 13, 2021 Update

Training Update

Patty Marbury lays out the timeline for our training between now and go-live of Workday financials in July of 2022, and then after go live.  Read more here.  

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check out our latest round of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from the deepening engagement sessions that were held by our Change Leaders after the first round of customer confirmation sessions.  This week, we share info about UBI, expense receipts, and what’s going on so far with RECON@.  

April 29, 2021 Update

Training:  Training plans are coming together.  We’re still a year out from the delivery of training, but we’ve pulled together a roadmap that will allow us to design, develop, and deliver training that fits the needs of our stakeholders. See the latest update from the Training Team.

March 25, 2021 Update

Workday Financials Training:  We’re about a year out from actual training.  This time next year, the training team will begin to deliver training all across grounds in a variety of modalities.  Right now, we’re getting close to delivering the training plan for the project, so you’ll soon start to hear more details about what we have in mind. The training team has been working hard within the project for quite a long time, getting ready to deliver training that will help our users feel confident about getting the most from Workday Financials right out of the gate.

March 11, 2021 Update

We’re approaching the midpoint of the Configuration and Prototype phase: we’ve had the first build of our UVA tenant of Workday Financials, we’ve done the first round of Customer Confirmation Sessions at the end of last year, and our Change Leaders are holding some great sessions within their schools and units to show a sneak peek of the Workday tenant’s functionality.
From here, we’re heading toward another build of the Workday Financials tenant and another round of Customer Confirmation Sessions. There’s a lot to come, still, but we’ve made tremendous progress and we appreciate everyone who’s been part of it.

Find your Advisory Group Member 

January 28, 2021 Update

Training News

 Besides the everyday work that the training team does -- being imbedded with the FST project team in an advising capacity, doing outreach, and gathering change impacts, they’ve also been talking to peer institutions that have recently gone live with Workday Financials.

They have learned a lot from our colleagues, both on what really worked for them in terms of training and on what to avoid. We’re on the cusp of starting content creation for training.  This spring, they will be developing a curriculum, a training plan, and a calendar.  Read more here on the blog.

October 29, 2020 Updates

The Change Team is working with our Advisory Group Change Leaders to make sure we’re gathering the right feedback and sharing the right messages across UVA.

October 16, 2020 Update

Advisory Group becomes Change Leaders

To support this phase of the project, the project team is leaning into the partnership we have with our Advisory Group in order to make sure all schools and units have the information they need and have a way to share their feedback.  In this new phase of the project, advisory group members are spinning up as change leaders to engage colleagues in their areas, with the support of an FST team change partner.  Your Advisory Group member slash change leader will be your go-to for all things FST in terms of getting information to you and sharing your feedback.

 The Advisory Group has been pivotal to the FST project since the beginning stages, and we’re really grateful for their partnership in this area.

Read more about our Change Leaders.

Resources for You 

This website's content continues to grow and be updated.  We’re keeping the Decision log updated, as well as listing out the upcoming decisions.  We’re also updating the Workday Words dictionary with new terms.

The team is also developing a resource page called the Information Station on the FST site that will allow our stakeholders to easily get up to date on the areas they’re concerned about.   For instance, if you wanted to know about the FDM because you’re thinking about those mapping sessions coming up in the spring, the Info Station lays out all the resources from our coms streams that will be most helpful to you:  the blog articles you should read, the community spaces you should follow, and the slides you should view, etc. etc.  This portion of the website will be continually updated, like all of our resources are, so check back frequently as new things are added.  And don’t be afraid to suggest topics or “learning paths” for us to map out.