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Change Management

October 16, 2020 Update

Advisory Group becomes Change Leaders

To support this phase of the project, the project team is leaning into the partnership we have with our Advisory Group in order to make sure all schools and units have the information they need and have a way to share their feedback.  In this new phase of the project, advisory group members are spinning up as change leaders to engage colleagues in their areas, with the support of an FST team change partner.  Your Advisory Group member slash change leader will be your go-to for all things FST in terms of getting information to you and sharing your feedback.

 The Advisory Group has been pivotal to the FST project since the beginning stages, and we’re really grateful for their partnership in this area.

Read more about our Change Leaders.

Resources for You 

This website's content continues to grow and be updated.  We’re keeping the Decision log updated, as well as listing out the upcoming decisions.  We’re also updating the Workday Words dictionary with new terms.

The team is also developing a resource page called the Information Station on the FST site that will allow our stakeholders to easily get up to date on the areas they’re concerned about.   For instance, if you wanted to know about the FDM because you’re thinking about those mapping sessions coming up in the spring, the Info Station lays out all the resources from our coms streams that will be most helpful to you:  the blog articles you should read, the community spaces you should follow, and the slides you should view, etc. etc.  This portion of the website will be continually updated, like all of our resources are, so check back frequently as new things are added.  And don’t be afraid to suggest topics or “learning paths” for us to map out.

Does your school/unit want help keeping up with FST changes?

The Change Management Team can do that! Let us know what you need by sending an email to We look forward to partnering with you and your team.

Here are some questions to consider before reaching out: 

  • How can the team tailor resources to fit your needs?
  • What questions does your team need answered right now? What is most important to them?
  • How does your team like to be communicated with? How do they like to share feedback?
  • What channels of communication resonate with your area?
  • What concerns are top of mind for your colleagues?
  • Who from the project would you like to hear from?


The Communication team manages the FST website, blog, online community, and WFST radio. The team is committed to helping project stakeholders get and stay informed by providing convenient access to up-to-date information across several communications channels. The coms team collaborates with partners across the different project workstreams to help shape specific content related to stakeholder areas of interest in plain language. They also help compile other communications materials, such as governance materials for meetings (like Fiscal Administrators!)

The Organizational Readiness team works with stakeholders across Grounds to understand the level of readiness related to the Finance Transformation. As the project progresses, this group will connect with stakeholder schools and units to develop a sense of readiness and connect stakeholders with communication and training to meet their needs.

The Training and Development team is responsible for designing and administering training related to the Finance Transformation. This work includes coordinating Workday Financials and Adaptive Planning (formerly called Adaptive Insights) training for all impacted end users as well as providing training on continuous improvement and process improvements that are also key to the project.