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July 29, 2020:  Communication Channels

An easy reference guide for your teams on where to find FST information, depending on what they're looking for and how much time they have. 

View it here!

July 8, 2020:  Information to share with your teams


In today's Advisory Group meeting, we shared this one-page update with you.  Feel free to share with your teams. 


Feel free to use the text below alongside the pdf (of course, feel free to edit!).

The FST project team has been working to revamp the timing of plans now that Workday Financials will go live on July 1, 2022. A current process improvement is that schools and units are using Workday Adaptive Planning, formerly known as Adaptive Insights, to revise FY21 budgets. While these uncertain times are challenging to say the least, the robust capabilities of Adaptive should provide everyone with improved tools to make informed decisions. The project team is here to support school and unit partners in this process by providing resources and holding office hours for users.    

Where are we in the project process?

In addition to revising the timeline and Adaptive implementation support, the project team is preparing for the configuration and prototype period coming this fall. End-users will participate in the process by validating information and sharing feedback that will contribute to the subsequent iteration of UVA’s tenant (our instance of Workday).

Updates you might be interested in:

Please share your questions about the project and any concerns you may have with me. The project team is also eager for you to contribute suggestions for new Workday Words to add to the dictionary. As your Advisory Group representative, I’m committed to sharing your thoughts with the project team and helping you get the answers and resources you need.

June 10, 2020: Information to share with your teams

In today's Advisory Group meeting, we shared this one-page update with you.  Feel free to share it with your teams. 


Feel free to use the text below alongside the pdf (of course, feel free to edit!).

You may know that the FST timeline had been extended by at least six months early this spring as the Coronavirus response began to take shape at UVA.  Earlier this week, project co-sponsors J.J. Davis and Liz Magill made the official decision to delay go-live of Workday Financials go-live until July 1, 2022 (a full year past the original date).   This delay will allow all of UVA to give the current changing circumstances the attention they require while still delivering a truly transformative project.  

The transition to Workday Financials is a big shift, yet in the future it will ease forecasting, shape financial strategy, and enable us to slice and dice our data in meaningful ways

Where are we in the process?

The FST Team is using the information gathered in architect sessions as a blueprint to start building the first tenant of Workday Financials.  After the tenant is built, end-users will begin validation sessions.  We'll use the feedback from these sessions to revise the tenant for additional validation (we might even have time to do a third version of the tenant).

Updates you might be interested in: 

Remember that the Workday Financials implementation is only one part of FST.  Please also feel free to take advantage of the Continuous Improvement resources the team has developed on CommunityHub (if you're not sure how to use the Hub, check out this quick video).

Please let me know what questions or concerns you have about the project.  As your representative on the Advisory Group, it's my privilege to share your thoughts with the project team and provide the answers and resources you need.  


New video makes navigating the Online Community easy!  

June 8, 2020

The Online Community isn't quite like the typical website; navigation is a little different, which can make finding what you're looking for a little bit more challenging if you're not used to it.  We've put together this quick video to give you the lowdown and get you cruising around the space like a pro!



We want to work with your school/unit! 

May 28, 2020

The purpose of the change management team is to help the UVA Community navigate the changes of FST as gracefully as possible. We have been working hard for months to share information, solicit feedback, and encourage participation with the project. We know that Phase 3, already a change-heavy part of the project, will require even more effort because of the circumstances we now find ourselves in globally and as a university, during the COVID-19 response. That's why we're reaching out today with an invitation to work closely with your schools and units as FST progresses because crazy times call for specialized measures!

While we can't do much about the unpredictable global situation we currently face, our team is ready and willing to partner with you to make the uncertainties of FST easier to handle. UVA won't be successful navigating change if we're applying a one-size-fits-all change strategy. I invite all of our schools and units to let us know how we can help you and your teams at a more granular level

  • How can we tailor resources to fit your needs?
  • What questions does your team need to be answered right now? What is most important to them?
  • How does your team like to be communicated with? How do they like to share feedback?
  • What channels of communication resonate with your area?
  • What concerns are top of mind for your colleagues?
  • Who from the project would you like to hear from?

None of us could've predicted that we'd be modifying our entire lives in response to the Coronavirus pandemic: working remotely, experiencing new social and family dynamics, strange new daily routines replacing familiar ones. While the changes just keep coming (new project timelines, development of scenarios and strategies responding to the crisis, adjusting to life without normal celebrations and rituals), the uncertainty of the future looms constantly. None of us know exactly what to expect, but we know we must brace for continued upheaval. 2020 is a crash-course in change at a breakneck pace, whether we like it or not.

In the coming weeks, we'll be expanding the resources offered in the Community and on the FST website, with the aim of providing tools and materials to address your needs. Our goal is to make at least one of the myriad changes you're facing a little easier to deal with. I hope we will hear from you on how we can shape and grow our outreach specifically tailored to your needs.

Please let us know how we can work more closely with your school and unit, and thank you in advance for your partnership.