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This is your resource page for Adaptive Planning (formerly known as Adaptive Insights). The Adaptive team is happy to help you as you get to know the program.  Please let us know how we can help you!

Remember that more in-depth information is available on the Adaptive Insights Team site. Need access to the Teams site?  Let us know at 

As you work in AI, please continue to send your questions, observations, and future wish list items to Julianna Clevenger at

In their message of June 8, JJ Davis and Liz Magill endorsed the rollout of Adaptive Insights.  As they mentioned, the pandemic has shown us why UVA needs a modern budgeting solution that allows us better insights and more flexibility.   In practical terms, that means doing our FY 21 budget revision in Adaptive Insights.  Having your FY21 original budget in Adaptive Insights with added detail before we receive our new direction will be a benefit to you and your team as you make necessary edits and adjustments to the FY21 revised budget.

Below in orange are the key activities and deadlines for you in working towards a FY21 revised budget in Adaptive Insights:

Office Hours

The Adaptive Insights Team is ready to assist you transition your budget into AI.  We have worked with the FST training team to set up a regular series of office hours, during which you can access one-on-one help.  

Click here to register for Office Hours



We will add to these resources continually, based in large part on your feedback during office hours. 

Basics of Navigation, Sheets, and Reports

Best Practices for Entering Notes

Key Adaptive Terminology

Quick Wins with Adaptive Insights


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs on the Adaptive Insights Teams page at this link:  Budget FAQ's

If you are unable to access the link, email us at